Privacy Policy

Last updated July 11, 2023

1. Introduction

This privacy policy (”Privacy policy”) governs the relationship between Densitech Technology AB (doing business as "Densitet"), reg. no. 556799-6722, and users (”User”) of Densitet’s websites and tools for matching contractors and assignments ("Expertpoolen", ”Service”).

2. About

This Policy sets out the essential details on how your personal data is processed in Expertpoolen, or any associated services (referred to as "Expertpoolen").

Densitech Technology AB is the owner of Expertpoolen and Data Controller of your personal data obtained and processed within the Expertpoolen platform.

The purpose of this Policy is to:

  • Ensure that you understand what personal data we collect about you, the reasons why we collect and use it, and who we share it with
  • Inform, ensure, and guarantee the compliance of Densitet products and services with The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) (EU) 2016/679
  • Explain the way we use the personal data that you share with us when you are using Expertpoolen
  • Explain your rights in relation to the personal data we collect and process about you and how we will protect your privacy.

3. Storage of personal data

The data you submit to Densitet and Expertpoolen is stored within the EES.

4. Personal data we collect from you

User data

This is the data you provide to Densitet when you sign up for and use the Service. This includes, but is not limited to, full name, email address, phone number, nationality/locations, work experience, education, image data (photo), CV files, skills/roles and personal descriptions. The exact personal data you provide depends on how you choose to use Expertpoolen; you will have the option to provide us with additional personal data in order to fully use some of the features of the service.

5. Usage of personal data

Densitet can use the personal data you provide for the following purposes:

  • To create and manage your account
  • To contact you, for instance to inform you of matching assignments
  • To match your profile(s) to assignments
  • To compile statistics
  • To send invoices
  • To support you when requested
  • To send email with Expertpoolen sales campaigns/information (if this has been opted in by the user)

Densitet will save your personal data as long as necessary to achieve the above purposes, or as long as Densitet is legally obliged to.

6. Your rights

You can, whenever you want to, request an export of your personal data submitted to Densitet and Expertpoolen once a year. If your data is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant you can request a correction or erasure of the data.

Densitet can’t erase your personal data if it is obliged by law to store it, for instance accounting.

If you have submitted personal data for a third party the same rights apply to them. You can contact Densitet at this address:

Densitech Technology AB,
Borgmästaregatan 17,
371 35 Karlskrona, Sverige

7. Access to submitted personal data

Your personal data can be shared within Expertpoolen. Within the limits of the Service, Expertpoolen may disclose information to a third party (customers and partners) if necessary for the execution of the Service (ex. invoicing, technical support and external authentication providers). Data shared to third parties is used only in accordance with the purposes listed in this Privacy policy.

Densitet may disclose personal data when required to do so by law, court order or if such disclosure is required in a legal investigation.

If Densitet is reorganized, merged or acquired Densitet will disclose personal data to the relevant third party, granted that the third party accepts to process personal data according to this Privacy policy.

8. Regarding third-party personal data

You are solely responsible for any third-party personal data you submit to Expertpoolen. If you provide personal data about a third party, you’re also solely responsible for:

  • The personal data for the third party
  • Obtaining consent regarding the Privacy policy from the third party
  • Informing the third party that they have the right to
    • Data portability
    • Rectification
    • Erasure

Densitet reserves the right to inform third party about their personal data you submit to Expertpoolen in accordance with General Data Protection Directive.

Densitet will process all user content in accordance with this Privacy policy unless otherwise agreed between the parties. Densitet is responsible for processing the data you submit in accordance with Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC).

9. Protection of personal data

Densitet has taken technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, manipulation, and loss. Expertpoolen is continually updating its security measures in accordance with the development within the technical area.

10. Contact

If you have any questions about how Densitet processes personal data, corrections, and data portability, please contact us at: